When the atmosphere encourages learning. The learning is inevitable.

Fee Structure

Our Homeschool checks all the correct boxes

Why OPEN GATES home school centre?

    • We would like to disciple your child to become a strong Christian.
    • We provide a homely and caring atmosphere. We provide excellent support and motivation.
    • We go over the top to keep your child COVID safe.
    • We have seasonal treats. In Summer we spoil your child with ice cream and in the Winter with melkkos and hot-chocolate!
    • It is very affordable private education during strenuous times.
    • We keep our parents up to date all the time.
    • We provide a safe and disciplined environment with only a few children in the center.
    • We help you in Afrikaans and/or English.
    • Flexi time. If you experience a blue Monday and manage to drop your child only at 10 then it is not the end of the world. We will adapt and manage the schedule. Do you as a family want to take a long weekend? Don’t worry. We have a plan!
    • No school on Fridays!
    • We include extra practical lessons and experiments

How do I Register?

  • Go to the THINK DIGITAL COLLEGE website and register online with them. Select online tutor.
  • We will help you to register your child with the Gauteng Educational Department.

What do we expect from you?

  • Your child needs a laptop, pen and a writing pad every day. I will provide a file and keep record of his/her work.
  • You need Wi-Fi and peace at home. We will provide Wi-Fi at our center.
  • Love and support your child.

Daily Procedure

  • Learners arrive from 7:30.
  • Learners must wear a mask.
  • We will check the temperatures 4 times a day, sanitize all the time and keep our social distance.
  • We all do Bible devotions together from 8:00.
  • We will start the online lessons at 9:00.
  • The teacher will check with every learner individually their goals and strategy for every subject that week.
  • Learners will take their breaks at different times. The kitchen is to their disposal.
  • We end the day at 14:00. There are after care facilities in walking distance.
  • Every learner’s work will be filed and kept in class.
  • The whole center will be sanitized at the end of the day.
  • No school on Fridays.


  • You will receive an e-mail every Monday from THINK DIGITAL concerning his/her progress. Please forward it to us.
  • Every learner will have a file that we keep in class.
  • The following will be filed: Your child’s registration papers. weekly progress report, every classwork and homework evidence for every subject, communication with the parent.
  • THINK DIGITAL will e-mail you their worked-out study notes for every subject at the end of the term.
  • Some subjects your child will complete quickly and other subject lessons your child will need to revisit a few times.
  • You may WhatsApp Pastor Clarke directly with any request or concern.


Please teach your child basic manners and respect. We all must be considerate and kind.

We will patiently and lovingly disciple your child.

Learners that continually misbehave and disrupt the lessons may stay at home and work from home.